Dry Gulch is An Enchanting Experience into the
Gold & Gem Mining Days Of Yesteryear!
Each Season We Play  Host To Approximately
    6,000 Adults And Children!  Our Gem Mine Regularly
    Draws Individuals  From As Far Away As Canada, Buffalo,
    Pittsburgh, West Virginia, And Cleveland; Along With
    Nearby Erie, Ashtabula, Edinboro, Corry, Warren,  North
    East, Harborcreek, Ripley, Westfield, Sherman,
    Jamestown,  Kennedy, Randolph, Panama, And Falconer.  
    We Invite "YOU" To Come And See What Everyone Is
    Talking About, Right Here In The Town Of Dry
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NOTE:  A visit to "Dry Gulch" equals a lasting childhood memory... In a world
that is often filled with bad memories, it is incumbent upon the moms, and teachers
to help make this enchanting experience, one of the
fond memories for kids!
Whatever you do (regarding a visit to Dry Gulch), BE FRIENDLY....
OR Get Written Up In Sheriff Bill's BLOG!  
Just like some of the following :

Some Yuppie Moms, who couldn't get their kids in at the front gate, due
to a previously scheduled event, began yelling,  screaming, and acting
like morons. It  made for an embarrassing situation, and sent their little
ones into tears.  Shame on them! The squeaky wheel
never gets the
grease here in the Town Of Dry Gulch!  Every event is pre-scheduled
for a designated block of PRIVATE time.
You must follow one simple rule here...Enter smiling, and depart with
Hugs or Handshakes. Note: this is a credo taken from the kids

Another Mom...
This Mom was also insistent on getting her kids into the Gem Mine.  
When we called her back to confirm the booking arrangements, we got
a lecture on calling her at a decent hour, and not in the middle of the
night...Gheeesh  It was only 9:00pm!  Please Moms, we do our best to
return 'all' calls between 6:30pm and 9:30pm (and we have ton's of
them to make every evening !)

United Way Day Care Teacher...
(The most absurd display of  immaturity from a teacher.)  
Having scheduled a Field Trip for 'inner city' children from Erie,  a
"United Way" Teacher had a meltdown with the children.  These lil'
munchkins had never even been in the country, let alone explored a
"Gem Mine'. They were inquisitive and carefree as kids should be.  But
before the event was over, and not even a single game had been
played, the teacher grabbed a tiny girl by the arm, and violently jerked
her from the small group of twelve classmates.  She curtly announced
that the little girl just wasn't behaving and they were going to leave.  
Other kids saw the teacher tantrum and began to cry.  They wanted to
stay for the games and prizes, but the two hour block of time was just
too much for the pitiful teacher.
Here's the rule Miss Teach:  If you can't handle twelve children for two
hours, you might want to re-think your career choice, as there are an
abundance of jobs open in the fast food industry!
P.S.   She also had teachers aids to assist her!
Sheriff Bill Says:
"I am always so touched by the hundreds of Thank You Cards & Photos from the
children of schools, organizations, and private groups.
I read and treasure each and every one!"
Millions Of Genuine Gemstones, Quartz Crystals, Arrowheads,
Fossils, (even  Gold& Silver)!  Everything you find...
you keep!
Please Note: Our season generally begins around Memorial Day, in the spring (when the weather is happy & sweet)
and ends in the fall or late summer (when the weather turns sad & sour, and school is back in session).   
(By Appointment Only!) PH: (716) 769-9888
And, PLEASE DON'T "judge a book by its cover", The (visible) Kids Store, ("On The Rocks") and the (visible) Main A-Frame Store,
are only the beginning of this Enchanting Facility... 99.9% of Dry Gulch  is well hidden and NOT visible from the road...
(Remember... the good ole' "off the road" attractions of days gone by?)
And We're Still At Low, Low Prices  For Two Hours Of Amazing Fun!
Sheriff Bill Is The Sole Designer And Builder Of "The Town Of Dry Gulch"... "Dedicated to Children and the Childlike Qualities
contained within Everyone"
Note:Week-Days  By Appointment Only!
'The Dry Gulch Challenge'...
Take Your Field Trip anywhere else this summer for two very full hours
and we can assure you that it will cost so much more than
 our (very low) price of  $8.25 ea.
(and...  they leave here with an education, and a whole pouch filled with genuine gems,
fossils, arrowheads,  and quartz crystals !
By Appointment Only...
"The Town Of Dry Gulch" Consists Of
These Main Areas.  Click on any  Title (in white) for more info.
Bulletin~Bulletin... Please Note:  
Struck It Rich!!!!!!!!!!!!
    After 32 seasons of 'Dry Gulch'
and 43 years of owning businesses
N.Y. and PA.
We are on Vacation Hiatus
(summer 201
Till Further Notice. Yipeeee !!!

The 'Town Of Dry Gulch' is solely designed, built, and
operated by Sheriff Bill (aka William Paul Marlette)